Wednesday, 8 May 2019

May Is Here!

It’s funny how the seasons and holidays come and go. We all mark them as points on the calendar to reach. The times of year we have left or we’re looking forward to. Time is such an interesting construct, and since seasons and holidays are just a certain period of time, it makes sense that we’re always thinking about them.

For example, when I think of this time of year, I see it as a transition. Late March and all of April are the growing pains of spring. But as soon as May hits, that’s when the beautiful spring weather starts to hit. That’s when the sun stays out longer, the plants are greener, and it’s when some of the most perfect days of the year are present.

So, in a sense, May gives me hope and happiness for the year. It’s the first month year in and year out that the weather is at its finest and people really start to become happier, healthier, more active, and more social. May is a month of pleasant feelings.

So, if you’ve been gorged on holiday candy and your kids have too, find a use for all of those empty candy boxes rather than just throwing them away. Spring is a time of renewal, so you should take the opportunity to recycle and renew the cardboard found in your haul of candy boxes. Let May be the month that you finally start recycling. You’ve been putting it off long enough at this point. Why not commit and use what current cardboard you have as a start to a life of recycling and reuse?

I, myself, will be using my time in May to get back on track with healthy habits. My running regimen is about to start up in full force and I couldn't be more excited. Heck, I’ve been trying to eat an apple a day and that’s something I never would have attempted when I was younger.

This is the time of year that you can use to your advantage for any of those New Year’s resolutions that have found their way to the backburner of your life. Take action and tackle some of those resolutions! If it’s fitness that’s holding you back, get outside and take a walk or a bike ride. If it’s social goals, use the nicer weather as an excuse to do some bonding at a park or sporting event. Whatever the case, May is your first real chance in the year to dial in and make the most of the year.

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