Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Candy Boxes: Easy and Expressive

Candy, kids love the taste and adults love to bestow the sweet treats to those they feel sweetly about. The days where you would reach out with a wet hand to your beloved and offer a lick of your apple flavored candy have now passed. Today, you want to impress your beloved with a bit of creativity and flair. We offer you the handmade candy box.

Why would you want to bother with candy boxes when candy often comes in boxes already? You might do it to save money or you may do it to express yourself. Handmaking the candy box can be a quick, cheap and easy way of showing someone you care. When considering the domicile for your sweet offerings you have several paths available to you. You could be like everyone else and just buy a candy box from online or from a store to place your candy in. Alternatively, you could roll up your sleeves and add a little touch of yourself to your offering, something that could be appreciated by the receiver.

Now that you have decided to get crafty, the next question to answer is how do you create that special candy box? If you spend some time searching the internet you will find free templates that you can cut and fold into the shapes that interest you or express how you feel. The most common material for construction is card stock, which is both strong and flexible enough to support itself and your cache of sweets, but not so strong as to make it a struggle for the intended to get to the candy.

There are themes that can be employed like cupcakes for birthdays, and lantern shapes for the light of your eyes, holiday and animal themes for those who are either want something more specific. Candy boxes that look like Chinese Take-Out boxes would be easy to fold for your friends. A wedding shower box could be folded to look like the gem of a ring. Shaping a box into a little hat could be the thing for that costuming enthusiast that you are seeking the perfect little something for.

It does not matter what occasion, the candy box that suits you can be found out there online waiting for you to print and fold. The internet is filled with resources that you can use to inspire your creative greatness. Things like monthly clubs for boxes on a theme, for example, candies from around the globe or candy made with certain ingredients are there to also be an inspiration for you to give sweets to someone needing a pick me up or just to be reminded that something is thinking of them.

The candy box that you design yourself, find and add that little special something or even buy yourself can be an extension of your desire to spread love and smiles. As you have read before you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this project, just some love, tape, and paper. So, no matter the reason there are ways to take the candy that you have, put it in a box of your own creation and give it to the person that you are thinking of.